Cargo Sciences offers customized technology development, technology & growth strategy consulting, and commercialization services to the overall logistics market. Logistics is ripe for disruption with a new wave of innovative technologies well into the horizon and looking to pave their way through the markets.

Our team of tech startup and logistics industry veterans has experienced trends that come and go, and trends that stick and change the way in which an entire industry operates. The digital transformation sweeping through the logistics industry is an exciting precedent for what the future holds; our team is fueled by a shared passion for equipping small-medium enterprises & small businesses with the necessary tools to adapt, and thus Cargo Sciences Ventures was born.



Technology Services

Feeling behind in the digital revolution that is disrupting the logistics industry?

Our cutting-edge technology services enable you to not only get up to speed, but stay ahead of the curve. Cargo Sciences is your digital transformation solution for logistics.


Consulting Services

Just getting started? Lacking strategic direction for your innovation projects?

Cargo Sciences consulting is an exclusive service offering credited by our collective expertise in technology, business/startup development, and industry trends.



Cargo Sciences Ventures acts as an investment vehicle as well as a catalyst for strategic partnerships.

We offer commercialization services and the partner framework for technological collaboration to the overall logistics market.

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